golden ticket


Platinum Service Benefits

  1. Hotels Apartments & Villas
  2. Unique user name and password
  3. Platinum Special offers with extra benefits included with monthly new letter
  4. Over 100 resorts to choose from worldwide
  5. 1 year to use
  6. Book in advance or last minute
  7. Up to 4 travellers
  8. Priority booking
  9. Brand new resorts available
  10. All year round availability
  11. Extended Platinum warranty included
  12. Personal Platinum travel advisor
  13. Access to Platinum resorts
  14. Any day check in
  15. Access to 1 of any Incentives available from either category


Example Resorts

Pueblo Evita Resort
1 week
Self Catering
Domina Zagarella Sicily
1 week
Room Only
Renaissance Hotel
4 days
Room Only
Juan Dolio
Hotel Esmeralda
3-7 nights
All Inclusive